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Re: Dolores Jane Umbridge: Character Analysis

I think Delores' loyalty was to the Ministry no matter who was in charge. Now, in my opinion, that's not an honorable characteristic, but a self perservatory thing with her. She loves having "The Power". Nothing is going to stand in her way, even if people get hurt. There is also a sadistic streak in this woman. She presents herself as a "nicey nice" type of person, but soon the sinister undertones become more visible. She enjoys having control over others, such as children, who are not apt to fight back, or captured Muggleborns, who, wandless, are unable to defend themselves. My impression is a weak individual hiding behind an office of power. Without her office she wouldn't have power over anyone. She wouldn't be anything much, and she knows it. And, like some others have said, I think her taking the locket from Mundungus had the motive behind it of using this Wizarding heirloom to claim pureblood ancestry, which I am beginning to believe she didn't have. I think she was so wicked, that the horcrux/locket would not have any noticeable effect on her, and that she herself wouldn't have noticed.

I don't think she would have been a Death-Eater, I think she would prefer to be the one in the control seat, though of course on a smaller scale. What mattered was her having the power over others in her own small world. Though her actions did further Lord Voldemort's agenda, no doubt.

I have a question myself: Did Umbridge ever actually know who was pulling the strings at the Ministry of Magic when Voldemort took over?

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