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Re: Dolores Jane Umbridge: Character Analysis

1) Jo herself describes Umbridge as evil. How does Dolores rate against the series villain, Lord Voldemort? When Harry was told the world wasn't divided between good people and Death Eaters, did that rule her out as a DE? Do you think her actions support Voldemort even if she isn't a DE?

Compared to Riddle, Umbridge is the perfect definition of Lawful Evil - she's incredibly selfish and is perfectly willing to abuse the law to further her own ends. No, I don't think she was a Death Eater at the time of Order of the Phoenix, but given how she was acting in Deathly Hallows, I wouldn't have been surprised if there'd been the tattoo on her arm by the Muggleborn Breakout of 1997. In any event, her actions (or lack thereof) were strongly supportive of both Riddle's crusade against Potter as well as the general Anti-Muggle sentiment that British Wizards seemed to generally have as late as the late 1990s.

2) Umbridge did her share of driving the plot in OotP, the trio would never have formed Dumbledore's Army without her influence, for instance. Did her tenure at Hogwarts--as DADA professor, High Inquisitor and Headmistress--produce other effects favorable to Harry and company? How do you feel about the handling of her "duties"?

Aside from the D.A. and its direct effects, no. There were two reasons that Umbridge had been installed at Hogwarts - to spy on Dumbledore and to prevent the students from rebelling against the Ministry. She excelled in those rather well, but she was not a teacher - she didn't even teach them theory!

3) How is it that Dolores is still employed at the Ministry? Is she still 'loyal' to Fudge or has her loyalty shifted to Minister Scrimgeour? Is she Scrimgeour's Senior Undersecretary or does she now have another title/job?

Dolores Umbridge is the perfect example of a Lawful Evil Flunky - she'll serve whoever's in charge to the best of her abilities, and if she can bend the laws to cement her position, then all the better for her and the worse for us. For example, the Cruciatus Discussion in OotP - she was perfectly willing to risk Fudge dropping her like a sack of rotten potatoes in order to get information that would have ensured Fudge's re-election (or ousting, had Veritaserum been actually used). She kept her head down in HBP and didn't cause too much trouble for Scrimgeour, and in Deathly Hallows she was charged with the execution (pardon the pun) of the Muggle-Born Registration Commission. She does her job well specifically because it means she can stay in power.

4) How did Umbridge come across the horcrux locket? How come it didn't have the same impact on her when she was wearing it as it did on the trio? Did she realise what the locket really was?

I'm working with the assumption that the following was after Dumbledore's Death. Mundungus Fletcher was selling random useless defensive wares in Knockturn Alley one day, and Dolores decided to cite him. Instead of taking him to Azkaban or fining him a zillion Galleons, however, she took a liking to a shiny bauble that she assumed had been stolen from a pureblood. From there, Riddlocket was playing on her past memories of the mudblood that destroyed her position of power at Hogwarts. It's really not that much of a leap to assume that the locket only exaggerated feelings that DU was already having. As to why it didn't have the same impact on the Trio, or even Dung Fletcher for that matter, it's because those four are fundamentally good people, with no anti-Muggle prejudices already in effect - while I'm sure that the Orodruin Principle (contact with evil artifacts will eventually corrupt the holders of the artifacts) still applies, it would have taken much longer for Harry to have gone Anti-Muggle than it would have taken Dolores Umbridge because Umbridge was already leaning towards being a controlling censored.

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