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Re: Dolores Jane Umbridge: Character Analysis

Truthfully, in some ways, I think Umbridge is more evil than Voldemort. Voldy at least was very open about what he was and what he wanted. Umbridge hid behind the Ministry and behind the law as a "good" person. But her actions didn't portray her as a good person. I don't think she was uniformly evil, and I certainly think the locket affected her and twisted her, but we never really get to see the ways in which she's a normal person. In OotP, she's only shown as the DADA teacher and High Inquisitor, who acts very nastily toward anyone who doesn't agree the Dark Lord hasn't returned. There's no way to say using a blood quill on school children is ok. So I'm sure she does have good qualities as well, but from the viewpoint we're allowed, we don't get to see them very well. Very few people are unequivocally evil after all.

I think Filch, too, by the way, slides under the radar, but he acts pretty nastily himself. It's understandable in a way, because here he is surrounded by children who can do magic while he can't, but I don't think that was the right job for him.

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