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Re: Dolores Jane Umbridge: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by MCDahB View Post
How about this?

Filch is to Umbridge as Umbridge is to Voldemort.

By "is to," I mean "is less purely evil than but gladly accepts and works for ______as a means to propagate their own nasty views and satisfy their sadistic desires."
Though Umbridge is portrayed as a sadist, and many fans despise her for her actions in the series, I never hear many people complain about Filch. In my opinion, he was just as sadistic, and delightedly carried out harsh punishments during Umbridge's regime at Hogwarts. I would not call these two characters pure evil, nor would I say that Umbridge was worse than Filch, but they are the common, everyday workers who look for ways to rise up in society. They are a very human evil while Voldemort is an inhuman evil. I don't think Umbridge can be compared to Voldemort in terms of "evil" because Umbridge is still human, while Voldemort is not.


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