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Re: Animagus/Patronus, not the same?

Originally Posted by Beatifically View Post
Then why do so many characters have their Patronuses match their personalities rather than whatever they see as a sign of protection? With Harry it makes sense because he probably sees his father this way.
With patronuses I think they take the form of something that that person feels protected by or love for. Harry, I think, feels such a strong connection to his father and perhaps feels so protected by that love that his patronus takes the form of his father's animagus form.

And people in love probably see their significant other as a source of happiness and strength. But what about Ron and Hermione? Do they see themselves (assuming the jack terrier and otter reflect their personalities) as such?
When first casting a patronus, if you're not rapturously in love with someone to the point that it would be reflected in a patronus than the initial form of that patronus might take a form that reflects your personality or reflect the qualities you value in those you love. This would tally with Ron's patronus being a terrier which both reflects his personality and arguably represents qualities he himself values in his friends and would therefore be comforted or feel loved by. And then, in the future, should you fall in love than your patronus might change to reflect an animal that represents that person for you.

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