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Re: Animagus/Patronus, not the same?

Originally Posted by megan_black View Post
um this is, is just a thought because i know tonks is a metamorphimagas but it says in one of the books that she changed her patronus (dont remember which one) so i really dont think that patronus' and animagi are the same thing

Although the change of a patronus is rare, Tonk's changes after the passing of Sirius. First thought to be a dog after his animagus, we later realized it was a werewolf for her love of Remus. Another persons that was thought to have changed is Snape's, with a Doe as his patronus after his love of Lily.

Other than the few people who's patronus mirrors their animagus, they are not the same thing. One does not need to be able to turn into an animagus to be able to cast a patronus charm and vise-versa.

Although both can only be achieved by a strong witch or wizard and lots of practice and takes form of something they are passionate about, their pesonalities or how they feel, they are not the same.

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