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Re: The Relationship Between Science and Religion

1. Based off of your religious beliefs, do you think that some forms of scientific research should be restricted?

I don't really have any religious views, however, I think that some forms of research would be better left alone. Cloning, for example, can be seen as "playing God" and I see it as ethically wrong to clone. Think of all the hundreds of embryos that were abandoned for Dolly the Sheep. I think it's wrong to do that, and I think if we delve too far into Science we could have repercussions.

2. What impact has religion had on scientific advances? Has organized religion held up the progress of scientific advancement?

I think religion has definitely held up the progression of science and scientific discoveries. In the past I believe religion was a lot more of a stronger force. Science was only just coming through and being recognised, and scientists were thought of skeptically. Now that Science is taking over more and more I believe the advances will be quicker, although I believe religions will still protest

3. What do you think the relationship between religion and science should be?

I've heard some interesting ideas of how science and religion can interlink, however, I really can't see it happening. Religion and science are very separate things. I think it would be good if they could co-exist, but I don't see it happening any time soon.

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