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Re: Dresden Files (Jim Butcher) 2.0

Spoiler: show
It's about time Harry gets some form of contact to his parents again, yup. If they and Morgan actually are ghosts, I like this thought very much. Since I first wasn't sure about Jim actually said in his interview - thanks MrsLupin for the help again! - I wonder if there won't be 'helpful ghosts' as well. Not only enemies died or were killed by Harry, friends did too. Can a vanilla like Carmichael become a ghost? What's about Shiro and "see you after"?

So coming from Potterverse I wondered what actually we know by now about the reasons staying at ghosts and how much power they have left (if they more than an 'imprinted soul' or something other authors developed).

We know it's not those only who aren't brave enough to reach the other end but rather these who still have some duty on Earth it seems from the instalment to come. But we also met ghosts who "classically" stayed to harm the living because they were unfairly treated. So I hope we get a better picture on what are the determinates and how dead people actually may have a say in it in Ghost Story. And where their limits will be. From the quoted interview text bits I'm fairly sure I'll like these descriptions when it comes to Harry.

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