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Re: Dresden Files (Jim Butcher) 2.0

Wow. It's been so long since I logged on that ya'll started a new shiny thread! *randomly waves to everyone*

So, I'm guessing most everyone's managed to get Side Jobs...or it's on your list? Jim answered a fan question about Aftermath earlier this year...spoilers abound:

Spoiler: show
“In most, if not all of the previous short stories/novellas you could easily miss them without missing anything in the main books, will this hold true for Aftermath? Yes I am trying to gauge how important the story is so that I can speculate on what will happen in Ghost Story

If you read “Aftermath” it should reduce some of the system shock that’s going to happen in Ghost Story.

The events of Changes… well, /changed/ /everything/ in the story world. You get to see the first of many, many dominoes starting to fall in “Aftermath.” Pay attention to Will. He might be nearsighted, but he’s got great vision for the big picture.

I trolled through the new shiny thread, but didn't see a whole bunch of Ghost Story *tidbits*. They're spoilered here for all to clickity, but fair warning - major teaser spoilers from the author himself lurk within, no joke, real spoilage! :

Spoiler: show
1. Regarding GS cover art: No glove? Is that significant?
It is accurate. Smiley

2. "What’s the first line of the next book ?" (Ghost Story)
"Living is hard, dying is easy."

3. “I seem to remember at a Q&A a few years ago, you said Tera West would be showing up in Book 13 aka Ghost Story. Is this still happening, or has her character been shuffled down the line a bit due to the change in total number of case file books?”
My first answer is “bump her down a couple.” But on the other hand, it might be interesting to see her again in this book. We’ll see what happens.

4. "Any chance that youre gonna be wacked out enough to tweet some Ghost Story spoilers?"
Why not. Smiley It begins immediately on the heels of Changes. Like the transition from Back to the Future 2 to BttF 3...It's set immediately after "Changes" AND about seven months later. Simultaneously. Wrap your heads around that.

5. “It’s called Ghost Story, where Dresden has to solve his own murder,” he elaborates, “and I think this is the first time I’ve told that to anybody. The brief description is that Dresden gets sent back to solve his own murder and he’s a ghost, so we’ll go on from there.”

6. "Can you give us a teaser for Ghost Story?"
Ghost story is so named because Dresden gets stuck with solving his own murder. He actually gets sent back to handle it, except there's no body available, so he has to do it as a ghost. Dresden has to deal with all the laws of being a supernatural spirit, and a ghost from the other end of the stick. Which I have a really great time with because he's so non-competent at that. One of my favorite bits so far is when he's learning the basic ghost stuff and he's like, "You know, I finally understand why it is that ghosts are always howling and moaning when they appear out of the floor or the wall. Passin through that stuff hurts."

7. "Could you share a little bit of what’s in store for Dresden in Ghost Story?"
In Ghost Story, it’s the 13th book of the series, Harry gets sent back to Chicago as a ghost. He has to solve his own murder, and if he doesn’t there’s going to be horrible consequences to the people he loves. So we get to see Chicago through a slightly different lens as Dresden is coming back as a ghost. Of course the real problem is that as that with 12 books going before him with various bad guys coming to mess around in Chicago, Harry has left a few ghosts around the city himself, and you know they are looking for some payback. It’s kinda like what happens when the cop gets sent to jail.

And last, the blurb review from the Little Brown Book Group; spoilerage warning:

Spoiler: show
"Harry Dresden has forgotten his own golden rule. Magic - it can get a guy killed. This didn't help when he clashed with parties unknown, with his murder in mind. And though Harry's continued existence is in some doubt, this doesn't mean rest or peace lie in store for Chicago's resident professional wizard. Trapped in a realm that is not quite here, yet not quite anywhere else, Harry learns that three of his loved ones are destined for crippling torment unless he can do something. Only by discovering his assailant's identity can he save his friends, bring criminal elements to justice, and move on before he becomes trapped in his own unending nightmare.

It would be easier if he knew which three friends were in danger. And had a (working) crystal ball. And had access to his magic. Instead, he must accomplish the task unable to interact with the physical world, invisible and inaudible to all but the most specialized magical talents. He is also [far] from the only silent presence roaming Chicago's alleys. Heck, he put some of them there himself. Now, they're looking for payback."

Now, I just gotta sit around and wait for the other short story to get published. "Curses" by Jim Butcher in an Ellen Datlow anthology: Naked City: New Tales of Urban Fantasy.

Has anyone here picked up the Dresden Files RPG? I loved the short story for that one, too. The "AAAA of Wizardry".

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