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Re: Oscars 2011

Originally Posted by IenjoyAcidPops View Post
Well, it certainly has the prestige factor, and the marketing makes no secret of that - all "Oscar nominee" this and "Greatest Novel of the Decade" that. Whether there'll be enough buzz around it to drive it through to serious Oscar nods I don't know.
Greatest novel of the decade? Geez, Louise, I'd give it "Most depressing novel of the decade"!!! I'm not going to see the movie because I find the story so horribly depressing. That kind of imagination gives me the shivers.

But I'd be very interested to know people who have seen it's opinions. It's a hard story to put on screen. Especially as Kazuo Ishiguro said he liked to write "unfilmable stories". I don't know whether there will be "enough buzz around it to drive it through to serious Oscar nods" - time will tell.

In case some of you hadn't been aware of it, the author is the same one who wrote "The Remains of the Day" - which I haven't seen either, but I know it was critically acclaimed. Don't remember whether it got any Oscar nominations, though.

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