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Re: Fan-Fiction Discussion (Including Harry Potter Fan-Fiction)


A. Harry Potter Fan-Fiction Questions
1. What type do you generally like to read?
I generally like to read next generation and or marauder era. Actually, you will not find me reading anything that is based 'on' Harry Potter. Your's, Furry, had an exception because it was about Ron and Hermione. Other than that, I enjoy my 'Harry Potter' time reading the actual books.

a) Marauder-Era (Marauders and Lily's era)
c) Next-Generation (Future Generations of kids)
d) Other (explain)

2. What do you like better?
a) Storyline Fan-Fiction (Sticks to the storyline JK Rowling herself intended)
b) Alternate Universe
c) Other

I really like all three. When I mean story line, I mean like the things we may already know about the characters. Marauder era, if they have the things mentioned that we already know it is really good, they can still make up their own things though! Next Generation, well, I really liked reading about what people thought the next generation would be, but now that we know a bit about the real next generation, I like to know that the kids know things their parents did, and that any clues that were given about the children are mentioned.

3) What genre do you like in Harry Potter fan-fiction?
a) General
b) Romance
d) Comedy
I do not know why, but in Harry Potter fanfiction I cannot read real action, mostly it is because I don't think of Harry Potter as a action story, more of an adventure. I don't read those in fanfiction either though.

4) What do you particularly look for in Harry Potter fan-fiction?
A good story line and the author can keep up with their characters. For example, if your character is always happy and perky all the time, don't make them all of the sudden moody in the next chapter because you have nothing to say for them. You lose character.

5) What do you not like to see in Harry Potter fan-fiction?
So far I haven't come across anything I don't like, but if there ever were to be anything, I'd have to say bad grammer. I know I do it all the time, so I can't be too harsh on it for other people, but if I'm reading it I do get a bit frustrated.

6) Have you written Harry Potter fan-fiction before?
23. I really, really like writing them.
I don't really read any other fan fiction because I do not obsess over anything else really.

C) Other Questions

1) Any Pet Peeves when it comes to fan-fiction?

Giving up. I've read so many good fan fictions but suddenly when someone is busy they post something allong the lines of They lived, got married, and died a happy life. The End. I don't care what the reason is, there could have been at least one final, long if need be, chapter discussing what went on and happened. If you are moving somewhere else, or are going to collage or something, write the last chapter please. It annoys me when I'm reading something good and you are too busy or are just to lazy to complete it.


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