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Re: Fan-Fiction Discussion (Including Harry Potter Fan-Fiction)


A. Harry Potter Fan-Fiction Questions

d) Other (explain)-I like all. If the summary sounds interesting I will click on it and read it.

2. What do you like better?

c) Other -Although I do like to read ones that stick to JK Rowlings version of events I actually prefer AU so it's a bit of both. But again, if the summary looks interesting and it is a well written fiction I will read it.

3) What genre do you like in Harry Potter fan-fiction?
e) Other - All.

4) What do you particularly look for in Harry Potter fan-fiction? Right now I am looking for the next generation series but normally I don't look for just anything. I look through the list of titles and click on one I find interesting.

5) What do you not like to see in Harry Potter fan-fiction? Slash. I have read some slash and if it's a good written story I'll read it but it's something I normally look for.
Mary-sues. I will not read it if it has the characters to perfect. That goes for when people write about Ginny or Hermione suddenly too perfect. I know canon Ginny seems like she is perfect but that's because when she is older it's through Harry's point of view and he feels she is perfect. However, a good writer can make her the same as she is in the books but give her faults as well when they are writing through her POV.
I will not read the stories where Hermione suddenly became beautiful and perfect over the summer. I can't stand them.
I don't mind OC's but you can always tell when the OC is going to be the perfect girl and get Harry, Draco or Ron.

6) Have you written Harry Potter fan-fiction before?
Yes, several. I don't think they are ever that good but I just love writing them.

I am actually guilty of writing a Mary-Sue story. The very first Harry Potter fanfiction I wrote was one. I did the worst crime in fanfiction: I did self-insert. I wasn't friends with Harry and co. though. I made it when he was out of school because I would start the year after he left school so I did that and made it what would happen if I was accepted at Hogwarts (despite the fact I am Canadian) and wrote it as my seven years at Hogwarts. The only good thing I can say about it was that I wasn't perfect. I only had two friends, made average grades, hated the Slytherins, put myself in Hufflepuff because that would likely be the house I would end up in, I had enemies, I was exactly the way I am but just at Hogwarts. I still actually have it because it's the longest story I've ever written. I wrote it two years ago so it's before Deathly Hallows and shortly before Half Blood Prince was released so Dumbledore's alive.

My fanfictions now revolve around Harry. I have an OC one too about if Dudley had a sister named Darla and she was a witch. But there are so many now, it'd take a long time to name them all.

B) General Fan-Fiction: (All other types of fan-fiction besides Harry Potter)

1) What stories do you like to write fan-fiction for? (Other than Harry Potter)Gone with the Wind and VC Andrews.

2) What do you like to see in General Fan-Fiction? I like reading ones related to movies.

3) What do you not like to see in General Fan-Fiction? Same as Harry Potter. Perfect characters and etc.

C) Other Questions

1) Any Pet Peeves when it comes to fan-fiction? Mary-Sues/Gary-Stu's. When people shorten Hermione to Mione.
When people write the Marauders era they make Peter Pettigrew an idiot. I know what he did was wrong but when they were kids he had to have something to him or else they wouldn't have let him hang out with them. I don't think Peter was bad until he got older and was out of Hogwarts and maybe he wasn't ever bad, just a cowardly rat. But I've read some where people have James and Sirius using Peter as a slave, where Peter is exactly like Crabbe and Goyle (can't talk but grunts) where he talks like he is five and etc. I understand the hatred for him, I hate him too. I just think there is more to it then we've read. Remember, we are reading it through Harry's point of View. We learned there was more to the Malfoys then it seemed. Dudley Dursley is another good example for that.


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