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Re: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Originally Posted by DigificWriter View Post
Descriptions like, pale, pink, blushing, etc. have absolutely nothing to do with skin color and ethnicity, as I already pointed out.

You don't have to agree with JKR's word on this, but you do have to accept it because she is the absolute final authority when it comes to anything and everything related to the Harry Potter property. PERIOD.
Why don't they have anything to do with skin color? I'm not sure I see the difference but maybe it's a language thing.

Appealing to authority is a logical fallacy in an argument. It says nothing about what actually is. I'm not making any comments on Rowling's thoughts because she is the final authority on that, I'm making comments on her text, i.e, what's written down. Are you saying that if she came out tomorrow and said Hagrid's first name is never mentioned in the text, it would make that a fact? That sounds ridiculous, IMO. And why is her authority in a tweet more important than her authority in the text? Both were written by her.

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