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Re: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Well, I went through the ticket ordering process only to drop my tickets at the last moment. I decided I didn't want to commit to tickets a continent and year away without having a clear return policy outlined. Probably not the smartest move, though, since I'll probably wish I had them next year! Perhaps I can still manage some of the pre-performance tickets, though I expect those will be sold more locally.

I'm a bit surprised at some of the frustration over the ticket process: it worked fine for me, multiple times, and plenty of seats were available before and after they expanded the date selection (even after waiting for several hours!). And even as I look just now, there are still tickets available as early as November 2016 and in abundance in May 2017! So I guess I have some time to decide. But the furor over the seats definitely reminded me of many Harry Potter events in the past!
Originally Posted by Phane00 View Post
First of all... to Ms. Rowling, No! Leave Harry alone. His story, and his family's story was done after book 7. That does not mean that I wanted to leave the Magical World, just leave Harry out of any stories other than the occasional nod. Stick to bits like what she did at Pottermore during the World Cup with Ginny Weasley and Rita Skeeter.
I'm a bit mixed on this. For the most part, I'm skeptical because I feel JKR's had several years distanced from the world and her perspective on her characters has certainly changed since she wrote DH (though, to be fair, it surely had even between SS/PS and DH). As such, will we be getting the "true" continuation of Harry's story, or a revised perspective version? We won't be able to tell, as there's no "true" continuation, after all. But I do wonder whether this "eighth installment" will be in the same form as the stories and characters we all know so well and love, or will it feel different after the storyteller has had time to tweak her story? I feel like we're seeing a slightly different JKR on Twitter, for instance, and I wonder if this play - or any continuation of Harry's story, for that matter - will feel right.

As it is, I'm certainly excited for a continuation, but it's frustrating having to check that excitement and not knowing where to place it. At the moment, I can't say I'm thrilled that the continuation of Harry's story is via theatre. Too much of theatre is interpretation, and I do not necessarily want the next part of Harry's story pre-interpreted for me. I'm also wary since it is not JKR's exclusive work - unlike Fantastic Beasts, she is not even the sole playwright, so how much is JKR's work? And even if the script is exactly JKR's vision, the same problem occurs as with Fantastic Beasts - there are directors, costume designers, actors, etc. who all affect the story outside of how it's written, so how much can we consider 'canon'? At the end of the day, though, I expect my wonderings are all semantics: if this is what we get as an extension of Harry's story, we must choose whether we accept or reject it. I'm disposed to the former, so I guess that means I'll find a way to see the play!

But I also feel that the play is a poor medium with which to tell Harry's next chapter, even though JKR has said that it is the only way it could be done. It seems exclusive having a play at set times, place, and cost, so that Harry's next chapter only becomes Harry's next chapter for a (relative) few. Is it "fair" to the greater Potter fandom to limit this continuation? Will a traveling show or even a published script be adequate for all those who can't attend?
Originally Posted by Phane00
Somebody finds Voldemort's wand. The twin to Harry's wand. It was never found or destroyed in book 7, and in was on school grounds where Voldy claimed the Elder Wand. So, his true wand, must be on the grounds somewhere. It could be the big bad, or it could be Al if he's a Slytherin. Someone finds that wand.
I wouldn't be surprised if there is no "big bad." There must be a reason JKR chose theatre for the format of this story, and to me theatre is uniquely situated to present very internal problems and conflicts of personality and history. As such, I don't necessarily expect a clear story with a villain (especially not a washed-up Voldemort supporter) and thriller-type action, but rather one centered around dealing with everyday stress, expectations, and disappointment. Yes, I'm sure some larger conflict will take place, but I hope it's not something too contrived or seemingly overly coincidental (e.g., "All was well" 19 years later, but - NO! - the second Albus Severus touches ground at Hogwarts Voldemort is reborn from his toilet seat Horcrux ).


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