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Re: Best and Worst Chemistry in the HP Series

Originally Posted by Goddess_Clio View Post
They just seemed very flat when they were acting opposite each other to me, like Michael was speaking to Dan and Dan was just waiting to recite back his lines. It's a very intangible thing and all I can do to really explain it is to say that when Dan was against Alan or against Gary or against Ralph his acting seemed to improve because he was opposite someone who he either greatly respected or was giving it 100,000% in their delivery and he had to match their performance. I guess I just don't think he gave the same gusto to his performances against Michael. Again, it's hard to describe...
I see. Thanks for the explaination . It did kind of seem that way between them in some of their scenes.

Originally Posted by Warlock27 View Post
Chemistry is in the eye of the beholder, and should not influence or dictate how the story is told. I dread to think what the film makers would have done had they had more liberty with the characters.

Mark Williams and Julie Walters for best.
Good point. But on a side note, I think it can kind of add to a film at times. If something stands out in that way, it can really bring a person into the film itself.

As for what the film makers would have done... I would have dreaded it as well.


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