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Re: Best and Worst Chemistry in the HP Series

Originally Posted by StarsAndShadows View Post
That's a kind explanation. But it does not explain why, later, Snape was so hard on Harry. The son of the woman he professes to love, and he makes his life miserable?
It's possible that Snape wanted to keep the memory of their friendship pleasant, and he might have felt that Lily betrayed the memory of the friendship by being with James. To me, nothing would be more insulting than someone who I once considered my closest friend choosing to be with someone who they knew treated me badly. Harry is a constant reminder of that, so it's possible that Snape's bitterness toward Harry not only stems from his bitterness toward James, but Lily was well.

Enough of that, back on topic.
I loved the chemistry between Daniel and Alan. There was just something so visceral about it and it really was a pleasure watching them on screen. The same with Gambon and Smith. They made McGonagall and Dumbledore's relationship seem almost romantic.

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