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Re: Best and Worst Chemistry in the HP Series

mrfutterman;6038758]Mislead them, how? That something in the films differs slightly from something in the novels doesn't matter to anybody except a tiny handful of fans. Nobody "needs" to read the books.
Well I think they do if they want to know the actual story of Harry Potter. The movies, IMO are glorified fan fiction. In fact I've read fan fiction that was better than the movie scripts. As for posting in this thread, well I am posting in this thread because IMO if the films had stuck even a little bit to the actual storyline that was in the books instead of inventing 60-75% of what we saw in screen, then we might just have got better chemistry and better movies. Bad chemistry quite often is a result of a bad script and 'The Half Blood Prince' and DH2 is IMO, the proof of that pudding.

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