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Re: HBP: Hardest scene to watch

Originally Posted by jbwarner86 View Post

I felt they failed to capture Jo's tone. The whole movie from start to finish is drab and murky and depressing, whereas the book is mysterious and suspenseful and even lighthearted at times. I mean, sure, Voldemort's active again and Diagon Alley is boarded up, but the book didn't wallow in misery to portray it. Everything in this movie looks depressing - that ugly yellowish green filter on everything, rooms are poorly lit, the sky is almost always overcast during outdoor scenes, hell, even the Quidditch game takes place during a snowstorm.
ha! This just goes to show how two people can watch the same thing and have such utterly different subjective reactions. Because for me, HBP is the film that tonally comes closest to capturing the feeling you get from Rowling's books. Especially in the way it meshes comedy and tragedy/horror. Its interesting that you think the film is too depressing because the impression I have from most others who have a downer on this film is that they criticize it for the exact opposite reason - they find it too light hearted.

I love the fact that the film embraced the comedic potential in the book. In particular the two scenes with Ron and Harry respectively acting under the influence of mind altering potions are hilarious. And the way the Felix Felicis scene moves from the absurdest humor of stoner Harry attending a spider funeral to the deeply moving and intimate scene between Harry and Slughorn (to retrieve the memory) is a great example of how I think this film is so tonally great.

I think there are examples of this throughout the film. We move from the wonderful scenes of the trio shooting the breeze with Slughorn in the pub to the Horrific scene of Katie being cursed. We move from the hilarious scene of Hermione and Lavender fighting over Ron's hospital bed to the intensity of the Harry Draco bathroom duel.

Of course its a matter of personal taste and there is no right or wrong, but for myself I find the look of the film to be absolutely gorgeous. Its worth noting that this was the film to get the Harry Potter films their 1st Oscar nomination, for Bruno Delbonnel's cinematography. And as someone who lived in Scotland for many years, I thought the look to be both realistic and incredibly picturesque.

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