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Re: "separated by a common language"

Originally Posted by ginger1 View Post
OK - general question for as many different parts of the UK and the US (and anywhere else ) as we can manage - what do our males call their - er - coverings for the nether regions - (and an approximate age might be enlightening). Let's see how many we can collect.
Men's underpants would be called boxers/boxer shorts or maybe even just shorts in reference to a certain type of men's underpants. Briefs are the alternative which more resemble typical women's underpants, and boxer-briefs are kind of a cross between the two.

Usually we just say "underwear" as a general term for either gender. It could be applied to undergarments in general, but usually its in reference to underpants specifically. Undies or panties is more informal, and the latter would probably only be used in reference to women's underpants. Skivvies is another slang term for underpants, possibly including an undershirt as well.
Originally Posted by WelkinCooper View Post
I have a new question. Is the saying, he's 'off his feed' common in the UK, or is that strictly a U.S. saying?
I've never heard that...what does it even mean?

ETA: I'm from the U.S., and I currently live in Texas.

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