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Re: What would you change about the films?

Originally Posted by Sharpturn View Post
The firebolt should have come when it was supposed to, not at the end.
This was an excellent adaptational decision.

Had I read the book first, I would have deduced that Sirius was a good guy once it is established that the firebolt is not jinxed: it's blatantly obvious. All other candidates as senders of the firebolt are dismissed by Hermione, who is the author's "voice". It is made very clear that Sirius sent the firebolt, and once it is clear that it is AOK then it follows that his intentions must be good and that Evil!Sirius! is a false trail.

Without that info, film audiences still think that Sirius is a villain until the great revelations of the Shrieking Shack scene (I half expected Lupin to be killed by Sirius, in defence of the kids).

Do Potter fans never read or watch mysteries and crime thrillers?

I disagree with your other points too. Film audiences no more needed an explanation of how Lupin knew about the map than they did about how the twins worked out how to use it.

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