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Re: What would you change about the films?

Originally Posted by peter333 View Post

I am just kind of a hardrock-honest-to-heart-canon-proof kind of HP fan

And that goes for the books primarily.

WHY does it bother me?
Good question.
See, in the books
Ron was always just "Ron" to both Harry and Hermione.
I dislike
the movies
for making him somewhat enstranged, Hermione calling him Ronald.
Notice, how we never hear her in the movies call Harry "Henry", or "Harry James".

It changes their relationship. That is what bothers me. Hermione calling Ron "Ronald" changes their
It gives us an impression that she is not close to him, or that she maybe, say, despises him.
While reading the books I got the impression that Hermione was equally close to both Harry and Ron,
and that the boys were maybe a wee bit closer to each other as friends.
Later on,
Ron and Hermione developed some kind of crush,true,but there was no need
to call each other formally.

This bothers me.
Why make it formal?
Why would Hermione call people differently?
Does she call Ginny "Ginevra"? No.
Does she call her boyfriend Viktor some other name? No.
All people in the world call him Viktor and so does she.
why do this weird change?
What are the writers trying to prove to us?
It gives me the impression
that Hermione either dislikes Ron or has some weird issues with him.
It is weird since the beginning of the PoA movie.
That was the first time she called him Ronald, while talking about Lupin`s suitcase on the train.
It just
does not fit.
Wow really? That's interesting. Fair enough if that's what you think, each is to their own . I personally never had a problem with it. In fact to me, Hermione calling Ron formally in the films was just another foreshadowing their relationship. Because in my personal experience, people who are in a relationship (or attracted to each other) call their partner/the person they are attracted to formally when they're trying to prove a point or are annoyed at them etc. In the films Hermione calls Ron "Ronald" when she's either angry at him, or when she's pointing something out to him (like on the train in POA since Lupin's name was obviously on the suitcase - Ron just didn't look) I've seen this happen many times. My mum does it to my dad, she calls him "Phil" during a normal conversation, but when she's angry at him or trying to prove a point she calls him "Philip". So I personally think that the writers are trying another way express Hermione's feeling for Ron by making her call him "Ronald".

Sorry if that's weird, but that's what I think

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