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Re: What would you change about the films?

Originally Posted by StaceysChain View Post
Maybe I'm getting confused since I've not watched the films or read the books in a while - I did say if I remember correctly. Why does it bother you anyway?

I am just kind of a hardrock-honest-to-heart-canon-proof HP fan

And that goes for the books primarily.

WHY does it bother me?
Good question.
See, in the books
Ron was always just "Ron" to both Harry and Hermione.
I dislike
the movies
for making him somewhat enstranged, Hermione calling him Ronald.
Notice, how we never hear her in the movies call Harry "Henry", or "Harry James".

It changes their relationship. That is what bothers me. Hermione calling Ron "Ronald" changes their
It gives us an impression that she is not close to him, or that she maybe, say, despises him.
While reading the books I got the impression that Hermione was equally close to both Harry and Ron,
and that the boys were maybe a wee bit closer to each other as friends.
Later on,
Ron and Hermione developed some kind of crush,true,but there was no need
to call each other formally.

This bothers me.
Why make it formal?
Why would Hermione call people differently?
Does she call Ginny "Ginevra"? No.

Does she call her boyfriend Viktor some other name? No.
All people in the world call him Viktor and so does she.

why do this weird change?
What are the writers trying to prove to us?
It gives me the impression
that Hermione either dislikes Ron or has some weird issues with him.
It is weird since the beginning of the PoA movie.
That was the first time she called him Ronald, while talking about Lupin`s suitcase on the train.
It just
does not fit.

Makes me feel like they are trying to put Ron down even more. As if his stupid scared faces weren`t enough of disgrace to Ron`s character
However, the Trio`s relationships are so screwed up in the movies, I should not even waste my time complaining about
a tiny fragment of all that mess

if someone suggests that something occures in the books and I do not see the very thing in the books, I will require a proof.
That is all.
Nothing personal.
It is as simple as this. If you wrote that Harry is a hopeless romantic, I would DEFINITELY
ask you to provide qutoes from the books that prove this.
Other example:As I have written on the H/Hr dance subject, it is not how book-Harry and book-Hermione would act,
I wrote the very specific examples from the books, where we can read with our own eyes how uncomfortable Harry
always is around dancing.
He is also uncomfortable around crying girls, even a crying Hermione.
So that is all there is to it:
If you think that book-Hermione calls Ron "Ronald", I would like
to see a proof...
Personally , I cannot find any other Ronald scene in the books, except the one in DH, after Ron returned.

On other matter:
I would change lots of things as far as the relationships go.
Of course, I would change Albus`s personality in the movies. I would let him act calmly, affectionately, lovingly,

I would change Hermione`s style in the first 4 movies. I mean, come on, if Alyson Hannigan can
pull of both a nerd,
and a hot chick, why cannot Emma Watson?

I would love to see a nerd-like Hermione who changes into a beautiful girl in GoF.
the movies never gave us this.

I would definitely let RON be a brave and smart guy that he is in the books.
I would
also change his friendship with Harry to be more like it is in the books.

Changes I would love to make:

Seamus rum scene - cut it, or change it.

Ron being SCARED of the Howler. This I would change to what it REALLY was in the book.
The Weasleys looking around checking out the Burrow as if they are there for the first time.
Ginny - more screen time, more acting!

I would make Ron stop doing stupid scared faces. Make him look brave and give him his brave lines.
Cut Ron`s stupid face after Harry and Hermione returned from the Time Turner adventure.
Cut the whole Albus hitting Ron`s wounded leg scene!
Give Hermione a different outfit during the Time Turner scenes. Like, say, a nerdy sweater or something.
More Marauders backstory.
Sirius should definitely not laugh all the time.

Hermione should look more nerdy and geeky before she comes to the Ball all beautiful.
Quidditch World Cup - at least a bit of the game should be there.
Harry should not be left alone to see the Dark Mark. He just happened to be the one who saw Crouch Jr. I did not like it.
More Crouch backstory.
More sadness at the end of the movie.
More Harry-Dumbledore connecting and bonding, more wise talk from Sirius in the fire and from Dumbledore. Not just that nonsense.
Snape should NEVER hurt the students physically!!!!! NEVER! Book-Snape never does that.

Harry should rage at the end and break stuff in Albus` office.
Cho should not have been the traitor.
Harry-Cho fight should have been there.
Ginny should act more like book-Ginny.
Snape should, again NOT hurt Harry physically! No shoving Harry around! That is something book-Snape just never does.

More book-like Ginny.
Harry comforting Hermione should be cut.
Cut burning down the Burrow.
More real Albus/Harry scenes!

DUMBLEDORE!...King`s Cross!...
Ron/Hermione kiss should be visible.
Harry should not ask what should he do in the King Cross Scene.
Albus-backstory and more Hallows.
Fred`s death.
More cheering after Harry defeated Voldy for good. Or at least SOME cheering!
Less horrible make-up in the last scene.

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