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Re: What would you change about the films?

Movies 1 and 2: Shorten them.
Movie 3: More Marauders. Otherwise, this movie is perfection!
Movie 4: Add Winky and Dobby as well as Hermione's S.P.E.W. Reveal Rita being an Animagus
Movie 5: Add Harry and Cho's date, Harry's interview with Rita, a longer Department of Mysteries battle, as in showing the Time, Thought, and Planet chambers.
Movie 6: Add the House of Gaunt scene, Albus's funeral.
Movie 7 and 8: Pretty good adaption-wise, no complaints there.

I also hate how they handled Harry's character in the last few films. They mostly focused on his angsty, rebellious, and humorous sides to his personality, neglecting to show his softer and compassionate sides, as if those sides were the only things in his personality. It really evident in the last scene in Movie 8 where he snaps the Elder Wand in half and throws it over the bridge, It's like he shows disrespect to the wand's previous owner, Albus.

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