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Re: What would you change about the films?

Originally Posted by Wimsey View Post
What the movies did wasn't very good. However, what the books did was even worse: I'd go so far as to state that Harry+Ginny was written pretty awfully. (Part of the reason why people here had such problems with it 6 years ago stemmed from this, although a bigger part was the "Harmonians.") Of course, romance was far and away the weakest aspect of the HP series: one could argue that if Rowling had written that part better, then there would not have been so many Harmonians.

Of course, if I could have changed anything about Prince, then it would have been to make the story like the one in the book: Harry's choices in personal politics. Sexual politics are only one part of personal politics. However, sexual politics do not encompass Harry's enmities with Draco and Snape, or his dealing with different rivals to be his mentor (especially from Scrimgeour, but also Slughorn), and simply the contrasts between Harry & Voldemort. "Dumbledore's Man, through and through" really was the summary line for the story.
I couldn't agree with this more. As much as I'm not a "fan girl" when it comes to the romance side of these books, I REALLY wish JK would have included more dialogue here. I know it would have added several more pages to the books, but it would have done so much more to build those characters and those relationships. Everything Harry did was so reactionary... it wasn't until HBP that he started being more forceful in his personal politics.

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