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Re: Things that bothered you about the final film

Originally Posted by Willz View Post
NO Percy
NO Wood.

These 2 really annoyed me, Wood was in the trailers and Percy..did the actor even get cast for this film?!
Percy was present. He appears out of literally no where though. He doesnt even say anything from what i could gather but he is certainly there. Wood? Nah he wasnt there.

Originally Posted by Potion View Post
I loved the movie, although I didn't like the following:

- Why didn't Severus turn into a bat instead of the common black smoke, which any Death Eater can turn into?
Wut. Why should Snape turn into a bat? That certainly would have made no sense. Hes not an animagus.

- The inclusion of the ruined part of Voldemort's soul, at King's Cross. I loathe the disturbing image of the 'flayed baby' in the book, and I thought its inclusion in the film was unnecessary - it was gross.
lol! I actually liked the fact they included that. I think i would have been a bit upset had they not. Yes i agree its massively disturbing but im glad it was there.


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