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Re: Things that bothered you about the final film

Originally Posted by Your_Holeyness View Post
There's a brief shot on the TV ad of someone riding a broom during the battle and calling people to fly with him. I didn't know who it was, but it could very well have been Wood. That scene wasn't in the film.
I would have loved for them to include that. I was looking for that too. Honestly I thought the scenes in the preview were the best ones and kind of spoiled the battle for me because I expected there to be even more than what was in the trailers.

Originally Posted by Bucc View Post
Well, based on your great works and the many discussions, we did conclude that it was going to be a frantic, hyperkinetic movie. Perfect for the summer crowd.

Many thing that should have been left out were (blood, DD's story) and what they did include would go by in flash. To many moviegoers, DH1 dragged but that wasn't going to be acceptable this time around.
I know many non book fans complained about the slow pace pf pt 1 but that was honestly the most satisfying Yates film for me because it gave amp,e time for character development and exposition. I just felt with pt 2 was all over the place. I think you are right though. They were probably trying to appeal to the non book fans this time around but still giving the book fans a bone here and there just so we wouldn't feel too shortchanged.

Originally Posted by Carne View Post
1. The nice buildup to the battle, but then it just fell completely flat. We got like 2 minutes of actual chaos, while the rest was just the trio and Neville. Where was all the other duels? Where was Hagrid throwing Death Eaters? Why was so much cut?

Someone mentioned Fred and George nodding at Percy in some video, could I have a link to that?
I have no idea why they cut so much out. Great buildup but in agree, the battle itself was lacking from what was decried in the book which makes no sense because would have been sic a great cinematic opportunity.

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