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Re: Things that bothered you about the final film

Yes The Movie Was Absolutly Brilliant But There Were Parts That Kinda Like Killed It ...

1 Begining Was Rushed .. They Wanted The Whole Film To Focus On The Battle ... They Rushed Throu The Gringotts Break In

2.Hogsmade Was Like *** , No Dementors No Death Eaters Summoning The Cloak

3. Snape -McGonagal Battle Was Rushed ... No Flitwick ..

4. To Much Comedy Breaks ... Like It Didnt Show The Tension Of The Last Battle

5.When Neville Killed Nagini ... Voldemort Was Suppoesed To See .. Like *** ...

6.Voldemort -Draco Hug Like *** I Was Smh ...

7. They Didnt Show Voldemort Dueling Kingsley,McGonagal,Slughorn..

8. Bellatrix Didnt Fight Ginny,Luna and Hermione ,, Molly Killed Her To Quickly ..

9. Nobody Saw Voldemort And Harry Going At It I Mean 8 Films Leading To That And Nobody Saw It I Was Like *** ..

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