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Re: Things that bothered you about the final film

On the topic of noone witnessing Voldemort's death I have to agree actually, it would've been SO easy to make it happen. Let's say they wanted the duel to happen in the courtyard rather than in the Great Hall, that's absolutely fine: they could've made the rest of the two forces fight there instead of in the Hall and when Harry and Voldemort come tumbling down everyone could've stopped to look around at what it was, seen Harry and Voldemort and watched like in the book. Very very easy to keep that in the movie while changing the location of the duel.

The one positive thing of Voldemort's death is Fiennes' expressions though, was really good acting on his part without a word said.

And on Kings' Cross I definitely think the scene could and should have been longer. The pace of the film had been so ferocious up to that point that a longer scene would've been fine, people wouldn't have become bored (which I reckon was probably the director and screenwriters' main worry) and I think that the movies actually needed some additional dialogue here compared to the book, not less, due to how little was explained in OotP and HBP. I don't mind the lack of the explanation about Harry and Voldemort's blood-tie keeping him alive - I think the movie hinted that essentially Voldemort's soul fragment acted as a barrier - but it should've gone into depth over the Hallows, over Dumbledore and the prophecy. I went with my Mum to watch it and she still didn't know why Voldemort was so desperate to kill Harry.

Haha, I also love the way so many people have been using the word "irk", as if they're unconsciously remembering what Voldemort says to Harry at the end of OotP.

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