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Re: A series completed: Analysis of all eight movies in one

Which movie out of all eight of them is your favourite? Why?

At the moment I'd say Deathly Hallows part 2, just because I'm so hyped up on it right now and I think it was done beautifully. Very close behind is Prizoner of Azkaban, that one has always been a very big favorite of mine and for some reason I can never put my mind on it as to why it is. It wasn't my favorite book but I love the way it was done.

If you could name one moment which you consider your favourite for all movies which one is it?
Oh god there are so many. The Patronus scene in POA, The Prince's Tale, the story of the three brothers.

Which director did the best job of portraying the Wizarding World?
Columbus did brilliantly with the first two films in my opinion, for me he really brought the world to life, and then I loved how Curan then gave the next one a different feel it was a breath of fresh air the change in them.
I loved Yates, I admit I think he could work on the pace of his movies a bit more but otherwise I think he was my favorite director.

Would you have preferred one director for all eight movies? I'm not too sure, I think change is good but at the same time some directors have very different styles and sometimes it doesn't quite work. For me I was disappointed with GOF, I dislikes the directors style and wished they had kept with Alsono Curan.

Which character has had the best portrayal (script wise and acting wise)?
No doubt about it, Alan Rickman and Snape. It was perfect, the way he delivered his lines.

Which actor or actress in their role has been a revelation to you?
Snape, especially in the last film. Also Neville too, seeing how much he has grown and changed.

How important has music been to you while watching the movies? I think it's very important, the music needs to give the right feel to the scene.

Who is your favourite music composer? I'll have to say John Williams because I loved his scores, but I am in love with the soundtracks for the Deathly Hallows movies.

Which soundtrack is your favourite? Prisoner of Azkaban.

What is your favourite music track? So many it is hard to choose. I loved the ones at the end of the first two movies which were a montage of all the different songs into one big one for the credits. I pretty much really enjoy the opening track to each score.

Which movie has the best cinematography? POA or DH
Best set design (props etc)? Diagon Alley, this one is hard to decide upon really there have been so many good sets.
Best special effects? DH2. I was rewatching the first few movies the other day and you can really see how special effects have developed over the ten years.

Overall verdict
Are you happy with the Harry Potter movies as a completed series?
I am content with them. I think others are better than some of the movies, I'm very pleased with the first three movies and the last three, they really introduced it and ended it very well for me and I still enjoy watching those ones. I do enjoy OOTP, however I feel that the beginning could have been done and paced a lot better which is why I'm not too fond of that one nowdays, but I can live with it. For me it is unfortunately GOF that has not given the series as a whole the most potential for me, I didn't enjoy how that film was done, and that is what unsettles the middle of the series for me.
Otherwise I am extremely pleased, especially how it was all concluded. There will always be things we as fans didn't like, but we are so loyal to the books I don't think they could have ever made the films to our standards, but I've really enjoyed the past ten years and these 8 films.

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