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Re: Harry Potter Theme Park v.2

Originally Posted by dreyesbo View Post
Agree with everyone about Jaws, ET, and Terminator. Of these, I get the feeling that Jaws and the ET are the ones showing their age more. But as mentioned, they are at Studios, and I'm sure they'll take over Lost Continent first.
Well I'm honestly going to have to say, I highly doubt that any HP attraction will ever end up in Universal Studios, however, all possibilities are open with this kind of place...

Jaws and E.T. are showing their age, but they are so nostalgic lol... Everyone knows about them, and most people who haven't been will ride them... Jaws is always a must do for most people who go to USF (every time), and me and my family have to go on all the things mentioned excluding Terminator: 3D...

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