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Re: Harry Potter Theme Park v.2

Originally Posted by MacGryffindor View Post
I have a feeling they are going to axe the Lost Continent. Although, what are they going to do with the best amusement restaurant from 2003-2008? Kidding. It's that Mythos, which wasn't that impressive anyways.

I went the 15th & 16th of November and it wasn't crowded at all...except for the Wizarding World. As you walk around Island of Adventures, you notice that nobody is visiting the other attractions in the park. I like the other attractions but nothing can compete with the Wizarding World, especially since you can't ride the Jurrasic Park pterodactyl ride without riding with someone who is between 36-48 inches tall.

I'm not sure about the land between Univseral and Island of Adventures but pretty much the only way of expanding in IoA is thru the Lost Continent or Jurassic Park. I feel Jurassic Park will stay because it's becoming nostalgic in its age, which leaves Lost Continent to go. Did anyone else take the Poseidon Tour there? I thought it was kind of neat but more Wizarding World would be better. I don't think they could get away with cutting down some of the Lost Continent but would have to get rid of it entirely.
Ya this is pretty much as a given. They will definitely NOT cut into the JP portion of the park and so the only place they can expand is through LC. In between IOA and Studios is all storage and back lot stuff, so there really isn't a way expand out there either. Everybody knows that when the Wizarding world expands it will take over the LC.

The questions that came up however is in the article I posted. There is definitely a huge population gap between IOA and Studios. So the execs first order of business before any Wizarding world expansion is to add or change things over in studios. But the execs also stated they are looking to capitalize on the Harry Potter IP. Though I don't think HP will go to the studios, I wouldn't rule it out either. What ever they do in studios, they will have to a great job to pull more people over from IOA.

A survey they did this summer may be clues as to what they are thinking as far as different themes they are playing with. They include: Avatar, Twilight, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, and Lord of the Rings. Out of all these themes Lord of the Rings had the most in depth questions, and for good reasons. LOTR is one of the few IP's that has the fan base like Harry Potter. LOTR is an available IP. Also the Hobbit movie will be released in a few years so it would be pretty good timing.

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