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Re: Feminism: Definitions and Opinions

Originally Posted by canismajoris View Post
But those are not the only options...

you all
All of those options are good for an informal meeting, but not a formal one. You can't see a politician's speech on the senate floor or a high-level meeting starting with "Folks", "People", or "You all". At least I can't imagine it.

Originally Posted by NumberEight View Post
For instance, I don't think there's anything wrong with a female officer in a television series being called "sir."
I do, for the reasons Fleur and Pox stated earlier. It implies that calling them "Ma'am" would reduce them to the rank of "lowly females" (this is a quote, don't jump on me!!!)

Originally Posted by Yoana View Post
Sorry to interrupt this interesting discussion with something completely irrelevant, but last night I was out with a friend and when I went to the ladies' room and closed the door, I saw a yellow post-it on the door from the inside that read (in a handwriting): "You are beautiful - just the way you are!" It made my day. That's feminism to me - women supporting other women.
That was a most welcome interruption, Yoana.

Originally Posted by MmeBergerac View Post
In Spanish, the way of referring a mixed group of people is the male plural form. The use of both male and female is for emphasis. But if you use constantly the emphatic form, a) the emphasis is lost; b) you sound unsuffereably pedantic, specially if you are in a colloquial context.
I see your point.

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