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Re: Feminism: Definitions and Opinions

Posted by FleurduJardin:

This reminds me of the controversy in France (I don't know whether the English-speaking world ever asked itself that question) about which gender angels are.
Well, that was source of a lot of controversy during the Middle Ages,too... In Spain we have the phrase 'argue about the gender of angels' to refer a long discussion that's doomed to take nowhere.

I can't stand the "actors and actresses", "boys and girls" discourse to refer a mixed group of people. It kills my patience, I can't help feeling it a waste of words and breath.

osted y DancingMaenid:

I guess I don't really see a point in creating different versions of titles and profession names when the gender of the person holding the title or profession doesn't really matter.
And the obsession that all words with a female meaning have to end in -a and that any word that doesn't means male (I'm talking of Spanish). For instance, there's that mania of calling female judges juezas, while everyone agrees that it would be ridiculous to call male journalists periodistos. The day I graduate I'll entitle myself as ingeniero though I'm a girl, and I think people should be more worried about my planes flying properly than wether the final letter of my title is an -a or an -o.

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