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Re: Feminism: Definitions and Opinions

I agree that feminine titles should command as much respect as masculine ones.

But I don't care for the fact that, when both masculine and feminine titles are used, the masculine title still seems to used as the default sometimes, and the feminine one still seems to be an "offshoot." For example, I can hear someone refer to a mixed-gender group as either "actors" or "actors and actresses," but never as "actresses."

In Spanish, which uses different forms of words depending on the gender of the people being referred to, defaults to the masculine forms when talking about a mixed group of people. You never default to the feminine form.

I guess I don't really see a point in creating different versions of titles and profession names when the gender of the person holding the title or profession doesn't really matter. And if a woman can be a great actor or a great actress, why can't a man be a great actress?

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