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Re: Fan Scripts: Script your own version of Harry Potter

You guys, the pride of my collection: The Flaw in the Plan. This is probably the most holy chapter in the entire series, and I've been working on the movie adaption for quite a while. I made it rather cinematic, and I'll give you some comment on the changes:
  • Narcissa's betrayal will not be clear until the battle's aftermath, in an added conversation between the Trio, including a flashback.
  • Hagrid's role in the walk to the castle is ommitted, because I found it more creepy to show Voldemort all alone waiting for everyone outside the castle. I honestly feel ashamed, because I always liked the image of him carrying Harry.
  • Another devellopment in the second part of the battle: the Death Eater outnumber the Defenders, then they are overrun by the forces of Hogwarts. House-elves not included because they never were at Hogwarts in the movies. Dobby and Kreacher have probably had pretty nice roles in the previous movie.
  • I wanted the 'friends' to shine during this part, finishing Death Eaters and Ron finishing Greyback in order to safe Hermione was something I missed in the books.
  • I used the as of yet infamous Why do you live? line because I always liked it and really wanted it to be the last thing Harry would say to Voldemort, mainly because I didn't liked the book's last-Harry-line and because it was something very beautiful at the end of the fifth movie. Movie Harry has always differed a little bit from book Harry.
  • I re-used Greyback's HBP line Don't you smell clean because I found it very disappointing they gave him such a small role in the movie, and in the end even cut that part out.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - The Flaw in the Plan

And for those who can't open PDF or don't trust unknown downloadlinks: my Google Docs account.

I really recommend this, and I apologize for being this arrogant, but I really think this makes a good script. Hope you enjoy it, and please comment/criticize/praise/like/hate it!

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