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Re: Moral Ambiguities

Originally Posted by Trixa View Post
You would have no right to order anyone to their death, IMO. You would have to present the situation to the crew member and let her choose whether she wants to do it or not. This is what Dumbledore should have done as well.
This is what Dumbledore did do. He did not order Harry to do anything with regards to the soul bit. He instructed Snape to tell Harry about it, and Snape complied through the expedient of sharing with Harry a memory of the conversation in which Albus explained the facts about the soul bit to Snape. By the time the situation was presented to Harry, both Snape and Dumbledore were dead.

In Harry's case he told him he had to sacrifice himself when it was already too late for him to do anything else or attempt to find another way of destroying the Hocruxes. DD knew this.
Why do you say it was too late? You mean because of the battle? The battle is an event that occured nearly a year after Dumbledore's death. Snape gave the information during the battle for two reasons: He could not wait any longer, as he was seconds from his own death and knew it. and Dumbledore wanted him to tell Harry after Nagini was being protected.

The second condition did not need to happen in the middle of a raging battle at Hogwarts. It happened to because this was the location Harry travelled to after his activities finally gave the game away to Voldemort. This was all very contingent on things completely outside ALbus' knowledge or control.

There wasn't even any chance of trying to find another way.
It seems to me that Albus would have dedicated considerable time and energy, as well as his unique intellect and magical power, to the question of finding another way. He had years to consider the problem, and what we saw implemented in DH was his solution - a solution that was not even available until the end of GoF. It did, in particular, lead to Harry's survival.

So I would agree that there was no chance to find another way. Not because of the timing, but because if Albus could not find a solution you like better in in the 15 years he had, Harry was not going to any time soon. Personally, I believe the magical laws of the Potterverse were such that there WAS no other solution to find.

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