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Re: Which Film Is The Darkest?

Originally Posted by MasterOfDeath View Post
POA was trying too hard to be dark, that it falls flat to me. It was refreshing when it first came out, because the Columbus films had been so (appropriately) light and warm, but looking back on it now, POA had a dark tone that is undermined by some of the comical slapstick scenes and overly artistic scenes that detract from the story, IMO.
For me, PoA was the first film in the series that did justice to Hogwarts and how I personally pictured it. The darkness made it feel more, to put it simply and dweebishly, magical and mysterious to me, as if the magic was some invisible force flowing through the school and its grounds making everything appear the way it did. It felt electric. And I appreciated Alfonso Cuaron's artistic flair, something the first two films seriously lacked. I agree that it did, at some moments, take me out of the movie, but it' s much more interesting than Columbus' cookie-cutter adaptations (as much as I love SS and Cos ). I like to view the films and books as two very seperate modes of storytelling, so I was okay with some of the liberties Cuaron took.

To answer the original question, I feel like HBP is the darkest, right behind GoF. The darkest and most graphic scene in GoF is Voldemort's transformation. I mean, if I was a ten-or eleven-year-old fan watching the film for the first time, I would find that scene a bit difficult to sit through. In HBP, the entire cave scene is riddled (pun intended) with dark imagery: enchanted dead bodies, Harry nearly drowning, Dumbledore being forced to drink that awful potion. It's intense. But I think it was beautifully written and shot.

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