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Re: Which Film Is The Darkest?

Originally Posted by HedwigOwl View Post
I agree. I've always thought that Order of the Phoenix represents the darkest time for Harry with the influence of Voldemort's mind meddling, occlumency, the Umbridge factor, what the prophecy means for Harry, etc. There are dark elements to Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire and Half-Blood Prince, but overall I feel Order of the Phoenix is the darkest film so far.
I always thought OoTP was a lighter film because the most memorable parts of it were Dumbledore's Army and quirky perky annoying Dolores Umbridge. However, I rewatched it and I feel that it is certainly a dark film. With the Department of Mysteries, Harry's dreams/visions, the death of Sirius, etc.

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