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Re: What annoyed you most about GOF v3

Originally Posted by mactheknife View Post
I also hate the ridiculous hair that Harry, Ron and the twins have.
But the twins looked so bloody sexy!

1. I hate the part when Draco is sitting in the tree taunting Harry. He just looks like he's in the most uncomfortable position ever. And he also looked ridiculous. Who just pops out of a tree like that? No one!

2. When Hermione said "I'm not an owl!" That made me cringe.

3. Harry saying, "Who wants me to open it?" It was a nice effort, but the delivery just was not convincing. It did not sound natural.

4. The look Harry gave Hermione when she said, "No, of course!" Did he really think that Fleur would have gone to the ball with Ron?

5. Not enough Slytherin. I wanted to see Slytherins at the ball.

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