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Re: Afghanistan: its present and future

Originally Posted by purplehawk View Post
Remember the old song:

"War! What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing!"

I still believe that.

I don't know. Let's ask the people who crashed the planes into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and, who were kept from crashing into either the Capitol or the White House by a group of real heroes...after all, they're the ones who declared the war.

If the Taliban is allowed to regain total power in Afghanistan the suffering will be unbelievable. How many women have to be flogged or stoned to death, how many people have to die in the name of a "religion", what does it take to move some of us to do the right thing? If we had done the right thing when people were being killed in death camps in the 1940s, maybe six million lives would have been saved and fewer lost in doing it. But, we waited, and the cost was terrible. How long do we wait and what has to happen before we can act?


I held you in my arms, although I knew that death
Had already taken you. I held you close, hoping for a faint heartbeat or breath
To prove me wrong.
But, you were still, and could not hear or see
My grief, my tears, my heartbreak knowing that the rest of my life would be
Spent without you.

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