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Re: Afghanistan: its present and future

Originally Posted by purplehawk View Post
Democrats, on the other hand, are following the President's lead in asking for a strategy and an end game for Afghanistan, not the blind journey and blank check we've endured for the past eight years.
But didn't the President and his advisers approve the counter-insurgency strategy earlier this year? I seem to recall that McChrystal was sent over as commander to implement that strategy and that 17,000 additional troop reinforcements were sent as part of that strategy as well. That was what the President campaigned on, afterall.

The Washington Post this morning has a rather frightening report implying that the President and his civilian advisers and the military commanders each came away with a different understanding of what resources would be needed to support the enhanced counter-insurgency strategy the President announced in March of this year. According to the author's of the article, the President and his team got "sicker shock" when military commanders provided their assessment of the situation in Afghanistan and what it would take to execute Obama's counter-insurgency.

Call me a cynic, but I would hope that the Administration would have thought through what the 17,000 additional troops would be doing, whether they'd be sufficient, and what the final objective was before they'd deploy them to Afghanistan.

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