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Re: Afghanistan: its present and future

Originally Posted by purplehawk View Post
I know! Afghanistan is a tough place to wage a war. I know the Soviets faltered there years ago, and others as well. It's frustrating for me because none of this would have been an issue had the Bush administration not been planning to pull a boondoggle and get into Iraq. The idea of our guys languishing over there for eight years is maddening.
I don't see them as "languishing over there". They've been doing their jobs quite well. Do I wish the former Admin had focused primarily on Afganistan? Sure, but that isn't what was dealt. So, I think our troops have done an outstanding job with the support they've been given from those here at home.

Remember the old song:

"War! What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing!"

I still believe that.
Actually, war is good for several things. If done right, a defeated enemy will not rise again to threaten you. Wars have done a great deal of good over the years.


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