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Re: What annoyed you most about GOF v3

Okay......apart from the Yule Ball scene (which was cool, I must admit) the entire film of GoF was one huge fail! They either assumed that the entire audience would have read the book, or else they were just hoping that people would be making up/filling in the details in their own minds. But I think the result was just weird and choppy; Harry just waking up at the Burrow insead of the whole Weasley/Floo Powder/Blocked-up-fireplace/Dudley/Toffee fiasco, which was a large section of the book.
Same about the Quidditch World Cup: that was a major part of the book, and there was all this build-up with them going to it..... and then the actual game gets zero screen time! Then, of course, it cut the entire chapter in the forest with Winky and the Dark Mark, all of which was huge set-up for later in the story. What else....
Annoying Dumbledore, ten hugely wasted minutes with the dragon chasing Harry around Hogwarts, the creepy mermaids, really, think of a detail from GoF and it annoyed me! I mean, it never even explains why Krum goes all gooky in the maze and starts breaking out the Cruciatus on his fellow contestants; rather than having him under Moody/Barty's Imperius curse, they just insert some lame excuse about the maze "changing" people..... which I suppose is also supposed to cover Cedric and Harry's inexcusably altered behavior.
Then the Priori Incantatem was never explained either..... admittedly, it felt a bit too convenient at the best of times; but the explanation Dumbledore gave in the book made a lot more sense than what was in the movie: nothing. (Dumbledore: "You saw your parents that night, didn't you?" Harry: "Yes". Dumbledore: *vaguely dramatic* "Priori Incantatem!" *leaves*) Honestly, guys, that's not going to explain anything to anyone! Not to mention that Crouch Jr.'s story was almost completely cut, removing the explanation for all of the mysterious things that had happened up until that part: including Crouch Sr.'s death!

Soooo....can ya tell I wasn't too happy with GoF?

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