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Re: Hardest scene to watch

Originally Posted by AnnKirk View Post
Even on the third try, I couldn't watch Harry being pulled into that dark abyss under the lake in the cave. Too scary for me.
When it comes to scary, the whole cave business was very hard to watch for me. I made myself as small as possible in my chair (in fact, I almost slid down on the floor... ), with my hands in my face ready to put in front of my eyes or stick fingers in my ears if necessary. And I knew that an Inferius would grab Harry, I knew I would jump, and when it came I jumped so violently I almost flew out of my chair, not to mention the little scream I couldn't stop.... I couldn't count the number of people who turned around to look at me, and that was only the ones I saw (I sat in row 6).

When it comes to cringe-worthy, any scene with Ginny makes me want to close my eyes and put fingers in my ears, especially in that shoe lace thing. But, I never liked Ginny as a character, and I never thought Bonnie Wright as Ginny was very good, so that's probably why.

Emotionally, the hardest scene for me to watch is Harry shouting at Snape. I get so angry with him, and to calm down (and restrain the urge to throw my shoe at him, which would surely get me thrown out) I have to tell myself that Harry doesn't know everything I know about Snape.


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