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Re: Hardest scene to watch

Originally Posted by leah49
None of the scenes were really hard to watch. It isn't like OOTP where I close my eyes when Cho and Harry kiss (I don't know why, I feel like a little kid, but for some reason I can't watch them kiss. It's not like I have a crush on Harry or Dan or anything).

Perhaps it's because you instictively know that Harry and Cho are not meant to be together, that it is a betrayal of sorts to the girl who really deserves him.

The kisses with Ron and Lavender were not hard to watch because they didn't mean anything. They were rediculous and had no real love behind them. Harry and Cho's was bad because there was real feeling behind those, but there shouldn't have been. It is like Harry is doing something genuinely wrong. Ron was just doing somthing stupid, so it isn't as emotional.

That is exactly how I feel!
I can't watch the Cho/Harry kiss, either, for exactly the reasons you mentioned.

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