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Re: Ultimate Film Collection Editions

That is intriguing to hear that ABC might have done these. I'd love to know how this comes about. Is ABC in some way related to WB? There are only two or three HUGE media conglomerates, so it isn't entirely impossible. But usually the director surely would have to have a say, too. Very intriguing indeed.

By the way, was Peeves cast or supposed to be CGI? If the latter, the likelihood of seeing those scenes diminishes considerably, because they won't easily develop a complete CGI character just for extras, and the empty passes won't look very good. If they have shots of an actor doing it, even if they aren't properly finished, the chances are a lot better.

... and in all cases I was talking about scenes which are already shot. I am not talking about doing scenes that were never filmed. But filming is just the first step. If you have filmed it and the sound is reasonable you can put it on a list of additional scenes, but it's less likely to be cut in, because that costs a lot of extra cash (which is why I am so intrigued about the ABC versions).

How much additional stuff is there in the ABC versions?


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