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Re: Ultimate Film Collection Editions

Indeed. But still depends whether they have the material. As I said, for LotR they started preparing the material from the very beginning (even some time before actual shooting started). Peter Jackson is a complete DVD Geek, so he was keen on that. It just wasn't usual back in 2000/2001, so I'd be curious whether Columbus would have done anything of the sort, and the first two would be most difficult to redo now, I'd assume..

Are there ABC versions of PS/SS and COS as well? I'd be less surprised if they had started doing this around the time POA was made, or at the latest with GOF, when it really became a lot more common.

ABC is a US channel, I think, but since I don't really have a TV I have no idea whether people get it over satellite here, or whether ABC (or WB) has sold on the versions to other channels.

I can't remember, either, where I have come across a DVD whwere you could decide to watch extras (not scenes, I think, but technically there isn't a difference) at certain points in the film. I remember that you could choose to turn on the feature, and at times a symbol would become visible, you click that, and it would insert the extra feature and then go back to the movie where it left off.

I'd certainly like to have extra scenes presented in this way, if at all possible. - and that even if they don't have all the post-production done on them.


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