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Re: Ultimate Film Collection Editions

Originally Posted by Klio View Post
I am sure that ought to be possible: lots of DVD extras have the additional scenes separately, and sometimes not entirely finished ones, as well, if the acting and/or dialogue is good anyway. It would just look quite odd to actually edit them into the film. Although some directors are very picky about that (in spite of its completest SEE DVDs there are even some known scenes from LotR which have never seen the light of day GRRR).

I wonder, though whether it would be possible to have extra scenes and somehow organise the DVD in a way so you can choose to watch them in their place if you'd like to. That should be possible even with existing DVD technology (although the menu options might be a bit clunky, or you'd have to click the remote especially to stop the film and add the scene in). In BluRay it should be a lot easier, though....

LC, do you know how the ABC extended versions were achieved? What do they look like? How much additional stuff is there? And who did that? Were these edited at the time the cinema edit was achieved? I can't quite see a TV company getting this done?

Obviously, if there are already extended cuts then that should definitely be included, and if would be difficult to see any reason for not doing so!
Yeah, that would be cool. I'm trying to remember a film for which the DVD gives you this option...for some reason one of the Bourne films is coming to mind. You can either watch the theatrical version or choose to watch a version with the deleted scenes edited in.

As for the ABC extended versions, I have no idea really. I guess you've never seen em, huh? (is ABC Family just a US channel?) They're great, essentially what they are is just the deleted scenes from the DVD's edited into their appropriate places in the film and far as I can tell, it looks like the scenes are finished and all. I honestly think (and hope) that WB had thoughts of extended editions from the start practically and they've been in the making. Perhaps they have done post production on these deleted scenes along the way even. If that is the case, they obviously wouldn't tell us because then they couldn't milk the franchise as much as possible...everyone would just hold off and buy the extended edition box set after all is said and done. But as it is right now, ever since the 3rd or 4th film they've been releasing these incomplete box sets with a few gimicky extras and people are buying them. Personally I'm waiting till all the films are done to see what the best they have in store for us is. They'd really be quite stupid not to do something big like LotR, they'd make plenty of profit


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