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Re: Reactions of Non-readers

My mom was a fan of Snape and thought he was good, so she was shocked and disappointed in Snape killing Dumbledore parents were more affected by Dumbledore dying actually. My mom said she felt 'empty' after he died and how the films won't be the same anymore without him. They didn't cry, but my mom said she felt like she was leaving somebody's funeral when she left the theater. She hates Snape now and my dad hopes Harry gets him in the next film. He said it was clear that Snape was a superior wizard to Harry. They felt bad for Draco and think he's going to help Harry now. My dad noticed that it seemed like 'Dumbledore let himself open too much' on the tower, which is a major clue, but I just told him he was severely weakened from drinking that potion in the cave to get to the horcrux.

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