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Re: Harry Potter the Musical? Watch it or Not?

Originally Posted by CissyBella View Post
not at the moment, though I can add one later on if you like...the theme of Dark Mark leans mor toward those of duality and bravado through the prime examples of the Slytherin men (Tom, Lucius, Severus, Regulus, Draco) so I try to bring their internal conflict to the forefront rather than nefarious plotting.
Thanks! Just keep it up... You'll find something to do with your script weather it gets shown at a local high school or something... Never know when it could be handy

Originally Posted by Hysteria View Post
This has got to be one of the silliest HP-related ideas so far.
Well if you keep it "GAY" as it where it would be a bad idea, but make it DARK foreboding and depressing would that make up for it?

As I always say after DH movies... We got nothing else to look forward to... Not unless someone makes an Animated series then we got something to watch.
JKR gets someone ot co-write Potter... But that of course if off topic (Sorry)

Anyway... All we can hope for is someone out there comes with a winning solution for everyone to keep everyone satisfied and a fan.


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